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Save up to $430 on HP TouchSmart tm2t series

Tuesday, June 1st, 2010
HP TouchSmart tm2t series

HP TouchSmart tm2t series

Versatile TouchSmart tm2t tablet PC, lets you twist the screen and write or draw on it with a digital pen. It’s easy to navigate with finger via touchscreen ability. Typing gets fun with sleek QWERTY keyboard. Best for students, as it has perfect program for note taking. With exclusive TouchSmart software, this tablet PC becomes more fun for its users. In short, this TouchSmart tm2t runs faster, much cooler, smoother, and the display is sharper and easier to read. Check out some of its hot features:

  • Simplify your PC: With easy browsing and fast searching, genuine Windows 7 simplifies your daily activities. It can also support Windows XP mode if your configuration meets certain hardware requirements.
  • Flexible and powerful: It is loaded with cool features which provide flexible ways to make your interaction easier.
  • Zero-force touch display: The display of this PC is great for productivity and entertainment purpose. Give pinpoint precision with light touch of your finger. Twist the screen or fold it flat, it’s just amazing to work on it. Also included digital pen to write and draw on screen, use your figures to navigate on-screen and control images.
  • Security and support: Take advantage of HP’s award-winning service and support, real time chat and e-mail; access their online classes, FAQs and other through HP Total Care. Moreover, get 60 days of complimentary live updates to Symantec Norton Internet Security 2010, which has been especially optimized for your PC.

If you are looking for a full functional notebook computer then this is the machine to get. Compact, lightweight and easy to carry around. Buy this HP TouchSmart tm2t series customizable laptop PC in $829.99 and save up to $430 instantly. Use HP Coupon Code and secure your savings. Order this awesome HP tablet PC now!!!!

Shop Discovery Channel Learning Toys with Savings

Tuesday, June 1st, 2010

We all know that children learn more during their early years. They love to play with toys, which are essential mode of their learning and development. So, it is our responsibility to provide such an environment which is important for their physical and intellectual growth. Nowadays, there are lots of learning toys available in market. They are very helpful in developing kid’s six-senses in more entertaining manner.

Discovery Channel brings a real-world entertainment for your kid, as they have huge variety of educational toys and games. Now you can get these toys at much affordable prices, in their online clearance.

Learning Shoes:
This is not just a pair of shoe, but these are the learning shoes that encourage kids to learn all six dressing skills: shoe lacing, snap, buckle-up, Velcro, button, and zipper. They can also put these shoes on their little feet while learning! These shoes are not walking shoes and should be worn only at home. Now who can stop kids from walking around to show off their dressing skills? Buy this colorful learning fun for your kid with 57% off price, in $12.97 instead of $29.95.

Learning Shoes

Learning Shoes

Spark Talking Microscope:
Expose your child to fascinating world of natural specimens. Examine an arachnid, a crustacean and other insects up-close with this microscope. It is a best learning toy for kids. They can view specimens like a real scientist. Its 12 slides portray real-life specimens from Brine Shrimp to Scorpions. Best way to predict your little scientist potential, as its quiz mode test child’s knowledge. Very educational, durable and easy to use, this talking microscope is now very economical to buy too, only at With 28% off price, you can get this toy in $24.99 only.

Spark Talking Microscope

Spark Talking Microscope

Radio Control Art Ladybug:
Create colorful drawings with fun, as you can drive this remote controlled ladybug across art surfaces. Encourages hand-eye coordination of kid and its best way to expand their creative repertoire. This road of creativity has lots of twists and turns, which is very entertaining. With 57% off, it cost you $12.97 instead of $29.95. So, Get, Set, Ready, and Draw!

Radio Control Art Ladybug

Radio Control Art Ladybug

Explore world and entertain your kid’s brain with Discovery Channel’s unique and educational toys. Use Discovery Channel Store Promotional Code to take advantage of their ongoing sale.

Introducing McAfee Total Protection 2010: Brand you can Trust

Tuesday, June 1st, 2010

With thousands of computer viruses created every day, relying on traditional security updates is not enough anymore. McAfee is world’s largest dedicated security company. Their McAfee Avert Labs, world-class security threat and their research organization is continuously developing new and active software programs to make world-wide interaction more secure. That’s why they added McAfee Active Protection Technology in their new and advanced McAfee Total Protection 2010.

McAfee Total Protection 2010

MacAfee Total Protection 2010 Advantages:

Powerful Protection:

There is a new and revolutionary McAfee Active Protection technology that ensures fastest protection against malicious threats to your PC. New and emerging threats are analyzed and blocked in milliseconds, so now with this McAfee Total Protection 2010 you don’t have to wait for regular updates to arrive.

Easier to use:

Set it and forget it, security works in the background and let you focus on things you want to do. Completely new redesigned home screen gives all the information needed at a glance and its performance improvements list include faster start-up, shut-down, and scan times to minimize impact on your PC.

Faster than ever:

This year McAfee security product has been completely re-engineered so it is faster than ever. Enjoy faster updates and shorter scans of McAfee Total Protection 2010. Your PC will run better, thanks to fewer processes taking up memory.

Other feature includes – safety ratings on searches and websites, warns against phishing scams, protects against identity theft, and automatic back-up. Best supported with Windows XP, Windows vista and Windows 7. For more information make a quick visit at Now get your Total Protection in just $49.99 and save $30. Use McAfee Promotional Code to get McAfee security products at discounted price. So buy and protect your PC now against all kind of viruses, spyware and other dangerous online threats.