BestBuy Exclusive Deal: $20 Off PlayStation 3 250GB Holiday Bundle!

Whether you are a born fighter or craving gritty realism of battlefield, is here with  Best Buy deal that is ready to experience the angst of war as we are featuring Sony PlayStation 3. This play station is not ready to deliver anything less than crystal-clear graphics and authentic controls. Best part is, you can shop PlayStation 3 (250GB) Holiday Bundle with an amazing price tag. That’s right! This Best Buy Exclusive Sony PS3 Holiday Bundle can be grabbed for $279.99 while its reg. price is $299.00. You save $20 + Free Shipping with this BestBuy hot deal.

PlayStation 3 console in conjunction to the incredible DUALSHOCK 3 wireless controller and Medal of Honor: Warfighter and God of War Saga games. This exclusive PS3 console allows enhancing picture and sound quality with its Blu-ray technology and expand your storage with a 250GB hard drive. It means more than 1800 games, 140 movies, 99000 songs and 40000 photos are right under your fingers when you load your favorite entertainment collection into the 250GB PlayStation 3 system. Integrated Wi-Fi allows convenient access to Internet for add-on entertainment options, while Blu-ray Disc player provides a hi-definition viewing experience and pristine image quality.

Charge into combat right away in Medal of Honor: Warfighter that puts you in the boot of the elite U.S. Tier 1 force members. Engage in explosive real-world incursions around the globe as you experience a dramatic campaign written by actual Tier 1 Operators.

Also discover brutality of ancient warfare as the God of War series comes to life in the God of War Saga, including all of Kratos’ quests from the original God of War through the Ghost of Sparta, as well as bonus content and a one-month trial of PlayStation Plus.

Take precise control of all the sticking action using SIXAXIS motion-sensing technology and wireless Bluetooth capabilities of the DUALSHOCK 3 wireless controller. In nutshell, all the right elements of war are here! So prove self a true warrior with PS3 holiday bundle that brings entertainment and lots of fun right out of the box. But keep in mind that this hot coupon will expire soon. So place your orders by using

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