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Spooky and Decorative Halloween Candles…

Thursday, September 10th, 2009

Every year around first week of September, we start getting in mood for most awaited day, “Halloween”. In fact, some of us start shopping for this day 2-3 months earlier! Picking a monstrous costume can be a daunting task, as there are so many to choose from…but decorating the surroundings for Halloween can be even harder job to do!

While shopping for our house and office decoration for Halloween many of us choose candles. Candles offer a sober and dim light perfect for Halloween theme. When you’re decorating that scary haunted house, Halloween Candles are one good tool to make a frightful hallway and entrance within freaky candle holders. Here are some decorative and freaky candles for Halloween.

Halloween MonsterBash CandlesHalloween Boo! Inlaid Pillar CandleBleeding Pillar CandlesFloating Mini Ghost Candles

Halloween MonsterBash Candles: These frightful Halloween MonsterBash Candles are delightful for Halloween. Each one is richly colored and wonderfully shaped in pumpkin painted with a spooky monster face. Each candle burns for 10 hours and comes in a set of 4 for $20.95.

Halloween “Boo!” Inlaid Pillar Candle: Get in spirit of happy haunting and trick-or-treating with Halloween “Boo!” Inlaid Pillar Candles. Giving off a soft-spiced Pumpkin Scent, these candles have “Boo!” inlaid on exterior, and have ghost faces within the “O” in “BOO!” Each candle costs $16.95. You may also include Halloween Dancing Ghost Pillar Candle holder to complete the ghostly look!

Bleeding Pillar Candles: Hurry, get a band-aid for these Bleeding Pillar Candles. Ha..Ha..Just kidding! These candles will spook all your guests this Halloween. Made of two tone wax, the red wax will start oozing out as candle starts melting giving a haunted bloody effect!

Floating Mini Ghost Candles: Floating novelty candles for Halloween spruces up table decoration for Halloween. These floating mini ghost candles can be used as floating candles, as table scatter when unlit or for decorating cupcakes, cakes, or pastries. Set includes 20 candles for $12.95, each burning for 50 minutes approx.

Setting mood for Halloween with these freaky and decorative candles has never been so fun!

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Sunday, September 6th, 2009

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