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Keep your Dog Cool with Pet Street Mall Dog Cooling Products

Monday, June 7th, 2010

Did you know that heat can be dangerous to your dogs? Dogs spend a lot of time outdoors. They don’t have the capacity of telling if they are thirsty or dehydrated. To resolve this problem, Pet Street Mall introduces its wide range of dog cooling products. Dolce Vita Combo Heating and Cooling Dog Bed and Drinkwell Big Dog Fountain are best products for them.

Protect your beloved dog this summer from being parched or possible skin problems due to heat waves or overexposure to sunlight. Check out Pet Street Mall pets supplies, offered especially for summer and get free shipping on over $50 order.

Dolce Vita Combo Heating and Cooling Dog Bed

Dolce Vita Combo Heating and Cooling Dog Bed

Drinkwell Big Dog Fountain

Drinkwell Big Dog Fountain

Dolce Vita Combo Heating and Cooling Dog Bed:
Dolce Vita Combo Heating and Cooling Dog Bed, at Pet Street Mall is the only product that will provide pet with cooling relief during hot days. It provides comfort and promotes good health for pets. Normally pets seek cooling while laying on hard tile or concrete surfaces which can stress bones and muscles. The Dolce Vita cooling and heating dog bed delivers cool air therapy through a unique, patent-pending air channel cushion and provides your pet with the comfort of a cool therapeutic surface to sleep and relax. Regular price of this dog bed is $299.99, but at Pet Steet Mall it will cost you $227.95.

Drinkwell Big Dog Fountain:
Simple, safe and proven to benefit your pets health. Drinwkell Pet Fountain is great way to show care towards pets. One of the best ways to improve pet’s health is to get them to drink more water. And Drinkwell Pet Fountain is best way to do that. By using 5-inch falling stream of water, this Pet Fountain continually aerates your pet’s water with healthful oxygen. A charcoal filter removes bad tastes and smell, giving your pet the best possible and most appealing way to stay hydrated! Improve your pet’s health in just $57.95 rather than $74.99 only at

Pet Street Mall is the only place where you can find all highest quality pet supplies at low prices. Use Pet Street Mall Coupon Code and take advantage of free shipping. On every order over $50, they will ship pet supplies to your front door, for Free!

Petco Cat Furniture: Best Cat Scratching Solution

Monday, May 24th, 2010

If you have a pet kitty and don’t like her scratching habit then this reading can help. A kitty in home needs proper and comfortable space in room or apartment where she can do her own stuff like sleeping, eating and resting. Yes, cat loves to scratch at different things like on sofas, rug or furniture and it has been noticed that many people are not so happy by this act of cats. So, if you are also trying to get rid of this issue then buy a perfect set of cat furniture.

The most common furniture for cats is special cat trees, stairs, window perch and gyms. Find all kind of cat furniture and other cat supplies at reduced prices only at Petco store. At Petco, save up to 30% of money on any cat furniture order.

Lazy Pet Kitty Window Perch:
Give your kitten a perfect perch for surveying her surroundings. This Kitty Window Perch installs on window sill in minutes without tools. It features with sturdy platform, machine washable cover, and convoluted foam padding. This unique cat window seat perch comes with velcro and suction cups. With 20% off price, get this window perch for your kitten only in $25.59 instead of $31.99.

Lazy Pet Kitty Window Perch

Lazy Pet Kitty Window Perch

The Refined Feline Cloud Shelf in Titanium:
On this cloud shelf, cats appear to be floating on clouds along wall space. Cats will love to lounge on these super strong metal platforms with soft comfortable pads covered in faux sheepskin fabric. Moreover, this super-cool cat shelf frees up much needed additional floor space. The original price of this cloud shelf is $159.99 but at you can get this shelf in only $99.99 that makes savings up to 38%. So, let your cat walk along wall rather than furniture!

The Refined Feline Cloud Shelf in Titanium

The Refined Feline Cloud Shelf in Titanium

ABO Gear Cat Fun Tunnel:
ABO Gear Cat Fun Tunnel has so much to offer your kitty. Soft, durable faux fur shell with silky liner offers great fun and interest to cats. It features two peepholes that kitty can peek out of, and a dangling ball suspended inside for hours of fun. Moreover, you can easily take this fun tunnel with you on traveling. It folds down and ties for quick and easy storage. Priced for $29.99, very economical to buy.

ABO Gear Cat Fun Tunnel

ABO Gear Cat Fun Tunnel

Find all kind of cat furniture at reduced prices at Petco online store. Use Petco Promotion Code to take advantage of their ongoing offer and get furniture that can make your cat comfortable with its claws. This practice makes her more active and prompt in her everyday life routines.

Celebrating February ~ National Bird Feeding and Pets Dental Health Month

Thursday, February 11th, 2010

February is all about spreading love and its truly the month for lovers. Along with Valentine’s Day, February is also a month considered for National Bird-Feeding and Pet’s Dental Health. Yes, along with showing love towards your beloved, February is the special month for showing lots of love and care for your pets and animals around you.

Sponsored by National Bird-Feeding Society, National Wild Bird Feeding Month was created to encourage people to feed wild birds during coldest month of the year. The snow on ground hides natural food supply for birds, which causes food sources to become scarce for them. This makes winter, the most important time to provide source of nutrition for our feathered friends.

Feeding a bird

Feeding a bird

Feeding birds in winters is very important, as during these months their natural food sources become scarce and they heavily rely on us filling our bird feeders with seed and suet. As birds do not store lots of fat on their bodies like other animals do in winters, so they need to restock their food supplies every day. Do you know, that birds often cannot go more than 24 hours without eating in this severe weather. So, help your backyard feather friends flocking year round by feeding them.

The 2010 theme for this month is “Hatching Out – An Introduction to Wild Bird Feeding Hobby” and birders are encouraged to add new feeders, gift them and other bird supplies or share their love of feeding birds with their friends, family members and neighbors.

Pet Dental Care

Pet Dental Care

Now, coming to Pet’s Dental Health. One of the most common diseases that animals encounter is Periodontal disease, an infection of gums. The key to prevention is very simple, inexpensive and may improve your human-animal bond — Brush your pet’s teeth regularly.

February is the month to encourage pet parents for taking dental care of their furry friends. But never ever use human toothpaste for this. It is too harsh for pets and will wear away enamel too fast, and it may cause stomach upset when swallowed. So, its a wise option to consider tooth brushes and made-for-pets toothpaste! In addition to brushing teeth, pet parents can also use special dental treats and toys for pets to keep their smile healthy.

Check out some dental care products and pet supplies deals from famous online stores. You can use Petco coupons and Drs Foster and Smith coupons to shop their products at discounted prices.

Find upto 90% off on Stylish Dog Clothing at

Friday, October 30th, 2009

We all have seen small dogs wearing cute and stylish clothes or being carried around in perfect designer bag. We all love our pets and can go an extra mile to make them look the best and different. Having a small dog requires that you must have all the accessories, from rhinestone collars to designer tote bags.

Clothing is a great way to show off your dog’s sense of style. From party dresses to sportswear and bomber jackets to pajamas, dog clothing list goes on and on. Small and short haired dogs always enjoy the extra warmth provided of a jacket on cold days. is providing stylish dog apparels for upto 90% discounts. Have a look at some really cool dog clothes.

Pink Pajama with HeartsPaw Appeal Turtleneck Dog SweaterPaw Appeal Luxury Cheetah Faux Fur CoatFashion Pet Sweet Dreams Dog Pajama

Pink Pajamas with Hearts: These comfy and cute four-legged fleece pajamas are sure to keep your dog warm when weather gets cool. Machine washable and dry-able, everyone will make oohs and ahhs over these at work. They are just as you’d expect, for your dog. Grab it for your furry friend for $4.99 only and save 29% on it.

Paw Appeal Turtleneck Dog Sweater: It’s a Scandinavian appeal from Paw Appeal! This adorable pullover is done up in true Nordic style, with ribbed turtleneck and trim and look of a hand-knit heirloom. It will keep your dog warm while maintaining him “cool”, all winter long. You can get this dog sweater featuring sassy colors and detailed design for $6.99 only.

Paw Appeal Luxury Cheetah Faux Fur Coat: This elegant, soft and extra warm coat will provide a different style to your dog! Supple faux fur feels like the real thing and that’s for sure to draw everyone’s attention. Featuring wide collar and Velcro closure, this fur coat was originally priced for $16.00. But now its available for a discount of 50%, that makes its price to $7.99 only.

Fashion Pet Sweet Dreams Dog Pajamas: From Fashion Pet, these pampering pajamas are so soft and comfy, that you might want to wear them! Easy, four-legged style keeps these adorable pajamas in place for cuddly, warm snoozes on chilly nights. Featuring ultra comfortable breathable cotton blend and adorable lamb pattern, get these pajamas for a price of $8.99, and save 40% on this deal!

You can find more interesting deals here.

Pamper your Dogs in Adorable and Attractive Dog Beds!

Wednesday, October 7th, 2009

With dogs one has to be sure that they have a nice place to lay their head after a long day of romping outdoors. It is important to find a right dog bed for them. Some dog beds are so stylish and comfortable; that it’s difficult to choose only one.

A dog bed is an essential piece for all dogs regardless of size, breed or age. A good dog bed provides a private space and sense of security, insulation from floor in both winter and summer, cushions joints and bones, and controls spread of hair, dirt, and dander all around. It may also save your furniture, as your dog will soon prefer his bed than sofa.

There are so many dog beds to choose from in various patterns, shapes, sizes, and colors, that will be perfect for your pet from contemporary to classic styles. After all, your pup deserves it’s very own little place of heaven in your home like a luxury bed that will give him lots of sweet dreams. Here are some handpicked dog bed deals from Wrapables.

Furrari Bed

Furrari Bed

Heatable Dog Bed

Heatable Dog Bed

Furrari Bed: Just share your love of luxury Italian sports cars with your furry friend with this Furrari Bed. This luxurious pet bed is a parody of infamous Italian sports cars. It measures 32″x24″ so it’s suitable for smaller pets. The selling price for this bed at Wrapables is $311.95, but you can get this one for $265.16 only by applying promotional coupon code HEALTH09 and save an additional  $46.79.

Heatable Dog Bed: Dog heated beds are a good way to keep dogs in comfort during winters. Treat your furry friend to a snuggly and warm haven with this Heatable Dog Bed. Just heat the herbal insert briefly in microwave to create a warm comfy place for your dog. The warmth is like snuggling up with litter and for aging or ailing pets. It’s moist heat soothes arthritic joints and sore muscles. Suitable for small dogs, it has a removable outer cover too and is machine washable. The original price tag for this product is $69.95, but you can buy this one for $59.46 by applying Wrapables coupon code HEALTH09 and save 15% on deal. Isn’t that cool!

Getting dog beds for most loved pets will not just bring them great comfort. It also helps dog owners to take care of their pet’s health. Let every dog sleep peacefully and soundly in a soft and warm cushioned dog bed.