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Save 40% on Norton 360 2013 Software!

Tuesday, July 23rd, 2013

Looking for an anti-virus software to protect your laptop or desktop from online activities? Norton is bringing Norton 360 Software that will save you from viruses, worms, spyware, trojan horses, bots and more. This software makes you sure that your data is safe and can not be directly accessed by others. Yes! It means you can do online shopping, banking, entertainment and more without any fret.

Most important part is, right now Norton is providing fabulous savings of 40% on Norton 360 2013. With market price of $89.99, Norton 360 2013 antivirus software is now available for $53.94 for up to 3 PCs with one year protection. From Norton AntiVirus and Norton Internet Security with 2 GB of secured online storage to 5 patented layers of protection, that detects and eliminates threats more quickly and accurately, Norton 360 includes almost everything. It also has a Network Defense Layer Protection, which stops online threats before they can reach your computer. Have a glance on features of Norton 360 2013 Software:Norton 360 2013 Software

  •     Live 24×7 threat monitoring
  •     Norton Safe Web and Safe Search
  •     SONAR Behavioral Protection & Live 24×7 Threat Monitoring
  •     Norton Management with Cloud-based controls lets fixing, updating, renewing and installing Norton 360 over Internet
  •     Norton Safe Web for Facebook
  •     Worm and rootkit protection
  •     Automatic Backup of photos, music and other important files
  •     PC Tuneup fixes common computer problems, frees up memory, removes unnecessary files and cleans up hard drive
  •     Norton automatically updates latest version without you needing to do anything
  •     Parental Controls Management
  •     Antiphishing Technology
  •     Norton Identity Safe
  •     Insight helps improving performance by identifying safe files and scans unknown files only
  •     Smart two-way firewall
  •     Network mapping and monitoring

But if you want to shop anything else from, then also you have a chance to grab it with savings. Store is providing 25% discount on all Norton products. So what are you waiting for? Place orders and bring a smart antidote for your system that will protect it from unwanted intrusions, viruses, and other malware. Seize benefits of this

Norton coupon

and redeem it by using Norton coupon code at checkout.

Norton Coupon: Save 10% on Symantec SMB Products!

Thursday, May 5th, 2011

With rise in cybercrimes unprotected computer can be easily hacked within couple of minutes after connecting to Internet. Data is most important asset of any organization. Because of increased wed crimes and viruses, data and system security becomes quintessential for all organizations. Toady businesses are looking for an overall solution that provides easy, real time backup and recovery without drooping performance of end users. There’s wide variety of backup and antivirus softwares are available in market but some of them are much pricey or doesn’t match the standards. So, Symantec lays such concerns to rest with its SMB Norton products. Take a look on SMB Norton products from Symantec.

norton-smb-productsSymantec Endpoint Protection Small Business Edition is a reliable, high performance, easy to use, and manages PC security software that protects servers, laptops, and desktops from spyware, viruses, and malware. It also provides market-leading antivirus protection, rootkit protection, best-of-breed malware protection, improved spyware protection, and more. Featuring firewall engine and Generic Exploit Blocking (GEB) block malware threats before they enter in a PC. You can install this security software in less than 20 minutes with built-in wizard.

Symantec System Recovery Small Business Server Edition provides reliable and blazing fast system recovery that helps minimizing downtime, and meeting recovery time objectives with confidence. It restores physical and virtual servers in minutes from local or off-site destinations. With image-based technology it captures and protects entire system, including Operating System, applications, all files, device drivers, and more in one easy-to-manage recovery point. It dramatically reduces downtime and avoids employee productivity losses. Integrated AES software encryption of backups ensures high security of important business data.

Symantec Protection Suite Small Business Edition is all-in-one, user-friendly security suite that is designed for small businesses who want affordable desktop security software. This intuitive suite shields servers and desktops from spyware and viruses. It also protects email against spam and phishing threats. This desktop security software quickly recovers desktops and laptops in event of failure. With built-in wizard you can install it quickly.

Currently Norton is offering 10% off on all Symantec SBM products. To redeem the saving apply Norton coupon code at checkout. Place your order now, offer ends 05/31. Keep rolling Norton online deals for more discount offers.

Norton Coupon: Save 25% on All Orders!

Saturday, January 22nd, 2011

Online shopping has revolutionized the way world shops. Whether you are looking for some hi-tech gadgets, electronics, home appliances, apparels, flowers or edibles, everything is click away. Internet is such a powerful tool that anyone can get anything, anywhere, at anytime. But with this fun and ease of online shopping comes a worry of cyber crimes. As everyday thousands of new viruses, worms and spywares are created so entrusting traditional antivirus software is not sufficient. Hackers also keep on try out their hands on new ways of hacking network, causing destruction. These thefts and cyber crimes cause loss of data, money and of course peace of mind. To protect PC or laptop from being hacked you need to add an ultimate protection layer. By this I mean an overall protection system that fill all gaps in system security without hammering the PC performance. Norton AntiVirus Software is one solution to all problems. Norton has a line of extremely powerful softwares that provides a complete protection to system and helps to improve performance. Right Now, at get 25% discount on all orders.

Have a glance to checkout highlights of popular Norton AntiVirus Softwares:

Security Features 360 Version 4.0 Premier Edition Internet Security 2011
Stop online dangers as viruses, spyware and more without sacrificing performance. Yes Yes
Scans emails, chat and messages for suspicious links. Yes Yes
Prevents crime-ware from being loaded on to your system and block spams. Yes Yes
Enhance Parental control as it helps to track websites visited by kids and block inappropriate sites. Yes Yes
Backup and Recovery helps to create secure backup of crucial data that can be downloaded at anytime. Yes No
With Identity protection now shop, browse and bank online without worrying about cyber criminals. Yes Yes
Blocks malicious,unsafe websites like phising sites. Yes Yes
Automatically cleans hard drive by deleting unnecessary, outdated files to improve performance. Yes No
Easy and Convenient to use. Yes Yes

These are just very few features to give you a quick overview of the products. Other than these Norton has great antivirus softwares for everyone like Norton 360 Version 4.0, Norton AntiVirus 2011 and so on.., with different subscription plans. So don’t wait, bring a remedy for your PC as “Prevention is better than a Cure“. Make use of Norton coupon code to get some online hot deals.

Get 20% Off Any Order at Norton!

Monday, January 10th, 2011

Today, online shopping is one of best ways of savvy shopping at any time. Undoubtedly, online shopping has changed the way world shops, now everything is just a click away. But, just stop and think for a second, is your shopping safe enough? At times, shopping online can be highly destructive with increased cyber crimes. As number of viruses and ways to hack network is increasing on a faster rate, relying on traditional antivirus softwares is not enough. You need to stay ahead with latest anti-virus security softwares to keep your PC or lappy safe from being hacked. It is also very important to know that while surfing web thousands of viruses and worms, hit your PC. These viruses can corrupt your system hard disk and can cause loss of crucial data files.

norton antivirus

So, it’s utterly important to give an overall protection to your PC that will give a comprehensive system security without hammering the performance. Get your PC installed with Norton AntiVirus Software. It gives advanced protection to your Lappy that does more to stop cyber crimes. Right now, you can save 20% on any order at Now you can email, chat and surf the web without worrying about cyber crimes, anymore. Norton gives high level of security from viruses, spywares, phishing, spams and so on. It also gives you identity protection, smart firewall, network mapping and monitoring.

Norton Security softwares automatically scans files at risk and display alerts whenever you are accessing unsafe site. It helps filling up gaps in the system protection layer and automatically get updated without slowing down performance of your PC. Some latest products from Norton are:

  • Norton 360 Version 4.0Price $79.99, 1 Protection Plan for up to 3 PCs
  • Norton Internet Security 2011 (1 Year Subscription)+ PC Clean Up Service (Use Within 30 Days)Price $ 84.99, 1 Year protection plan for up to 3 PCs
  • Norton Internet Security 2011Price $69.99, 1 Year protection Plan for up to 3 PCs
  • Norton AntiVirus 2011 - Price $39 1 Year protection plan for 1 PC

So, don’t wait and give your PC an enhanced version of protection before it’s too late. You can make use of Norton Coupon Code to get some hot deals online.

Norton 360 Antivirus – Now 50% off!

Saturday, November 20th, 2010

Holiday season is already ‘In‘ and you might be busy with Pre-Black Friday shopping and offers. Online shopping has really brought the world at click. This year online shopping is much more popular than in-store shopping. However, shopping in-store is pretty cool, but that hassles of long queues, and then getting stuck in traffic jams, is really pathetic. So, online shopping is much simpler, easier and of-course time savvier. But, the real threat to online shopping is “Rising Cyber Crimes”. Other than these cyber criminals, multiple viruses and worms come and hit your PC or lappy while working online, resulting in dropped antivirus

This doesn’t mean you should not engage in online shopping, as there’s a solution for every problem. To save your system from viruses and threats, give an ultimate protection to your PC with Norton 360 Version 4.0 or Norton 360 Version 4.0 Premier Edition. These are very impressive security solutions and boast a complete lineup of robust features. Norton, being best, continues improving their anti-virus software programs and as a result they give improved security. With innovation and implementation, Norton customers are always happy. Norton 360 Version 4.0 and Norton 360 Version 4.0 Premier Edition are complete antivirus solutions providing ultimate protection, performance and peace of mind against digital dangers. Both Norton 360 antivirus programs provide higher security features given below:

  • They protect your PC, your system identity and online activities without effecting system performance. They fight against online frauds, phishing, viruses, Trojans, spyware and latest cyber threats.
  • Leading online intelligence systems scan only those files, which are at risk for shorter and faster scans.
  • Provides unprecedented and unmatched threat detection with additional layer to detect viruses.
  • They proactively warn you against dangerous downloaded files and applications.
  • Norton antivirus makes your online shopping safer by displaying alerts against unsafe websites, right in your search results. They warn you from giving any personal information to potentially dangerous site and also protect your system identity from being hacked.
  • They block spams from your inbox, offer secure login to website, and secure your browser from cyber attacks.
  • These software programs help to improve and maintain PC and application performance. Delivers up to minute virus protection with automatic updates in every 5 to 15 minutes. It allows to access backup files over web. Delete unnecessary files, defrag your hard disk and fix common problems to reduce PC start up time and enhance performance.
  • Moreover, they prevent unauthorized access to your wireless network and warn against unsecured wireless connections.

The two antiviruses have a minor difference of online backup memory. Norton 360 Version 4.0 has 2GB memory, while Norton 360 Version 4.0 Premier Edition offers 25GB of memory. Apart from this, both editions are superb. They will automatically scan your computer replacing need for manual scan using Symantec Security Check. They are quick, easy, and best of all. Right now, you can get these fantastic antivirus programs at with 50% discount. Make use of Norton coupon code to enjoy this offer. It is valid till 26/11.